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Do You Need Help Filling Out Your Altamonte Springs SSDI Application?

Altamonte Springs SSDI Application

Filling out your Altamonte Springs SSDI application can be an intimidating task, and fighting for approval even more so. The good news is that there are experienced Social Security attorneys that can work with you throughout the process. Here are some tips for filling out your application, as well as how we can help.


If you think that you may be eligible for disability benefits, you might be concerned about the steps required to get approved. Culbertson Law Group is home to two of the only ten attorneys in Florida who are certified for Social Security Disability law, so you can rest assured that you are working with highly trained legal professionals. In this blog, we will discuss the steps in the Altamonte Springs SSDI application process, as well as eligibility requirements and other common questions


Am I Eligible for SSDI? 

Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, comes with a list of eligibility requirements. This program requires that applicants be:

  • Unable to work due to a medical condition
  • Unable to adjust to other work because of the medical condition
  • Dealing with a medical condition that is expected to last at least one year or result in death


How Do I Apply For SSDI?

The Social Security Administration accepts applications through the following avenues:


What Kind Of Information Do I Need For My Altamonte Springs SSDI Application?

When filling out your application, you will need the following information:

  • Proof of age and your social security numberAltamonte Springs SSDI Application
  • Contact information for any of the medical professionals that cared for you, as well as dates of any visits or procedures
  • The name and dosage of all medications you are taking
  • Medical records and test results from all the medical professionals that are treating you
  • The location of your most recent place of employment and a description of the work you did there
  • Your W-2 or tax return from the most recent tax year you filed


How Culbertson Law Group Can Help With Your Application

When you are filling out an Altamonte Springs SSDI application, there is clearly more to it than simply filling out the forms. Our attorneys have been working with applicants for years, and can help you navigate the process from start to finish. 


This includes ensuring that all of the required documents are in your application, offering professional recommendations when responding to questions on the application, and representing you in court should you need to go to a hearing before an administrative law judge. 


How Do I Pay For An SSDI Attorney?

If you are concerned about the financial burden of paying for an attorney to assist you with the Altamonte Springs SSDI application process, you do not need to be too worried. SSDI attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means that there are no upfront costs or retainer fees for your case. 


When you employ the services of an SSDI attorney, you will sign a fee agreement that will allow the Social Security Administration to pay your attorney 25% of your past-due benefits, with a maximum payment cap of $6,000 at the administrative level. 

If you are looking for assistance with your SSDI case, Culbertson Law Group can help. Give us a call, or fill out our online contact form. We will make the process as smooth as possible for you, and work with you to get the benefits that you are owed.