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Daytona Office of Administrative Hearings: The SSA’s Process

Daytona Administrative Hearings

Being denied Social Security benefits isn’t the end of the road. Here’s the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) process for filing your Daytona Office of Administrative Hearings appeal.

Filing for Social Security benefits is often a challenging process, and to have them denied is a painful reality many individuals face. Fortunately, you can file a Daytona Office of Administrative Hearings appeal. 

The Social Security Administration has a process for filing your appeal. Your hearings can feel similar to being in court for trial as you have an opportunity to tell your side of the dispute before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

Daytona Administrative HearingsIf the Social Security Administration believes that you are overpaid or that you no longer meet their requirements for SSI or Social Security, they may deny your benefits. However, you have the right to request a review of their decision.

The goal of a hearing is to establish a case’s record of facts and come to a resolution. It should also be noted that you are not required to have an attorney for the Daytona Office of Administrative Hearings. However, if you’re trying to win your case, it’s in your best interest to hire one, like our team, sooner rather than later. 

Daytona Office of Administrative Hearings Step #1: Reconsideration Determination

The first step in the appeals process is reconsideration of the SSA’s initial determination. An unbiased individual who has never previously worked on your case reviews it and will send a letter informing you why the initial decision was made.  

Daytona Office of Administrative Hearings Step #2: Hearing

If you disagree with their decision, you have the right to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). You, or your attorney, can request one. The ALJ takes your testimony, facts and additional evidentiary support to make an independent decision. If you disagree with the ALJ’s decision, you can file for review with the Appeals Council.There are a few more pieces to the puzzle you should consider, including time limits for your appeal. Our team is here for you every step of way helping you get awarded the benefits you deserve. We’re ready when you are. Contact us today to see how we can help with your appeal.