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5 Of The Most Common Reasons For Daytona Social Security Denial

Daytona Social Security Denial

There could be many reasons that your Daytona social security denial could happen. It’s essential to understand why you were denied before you file for an appeal. 

Here are the top reasons for your Daytona social security denial: 

The Requirements Aren’t Met

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will deny your claim if you don’t meet the eligibility requirements. Before applying look into what the requirements are and make sure you fully meet them. 

Lack of Hard Medical Evidence

One of the most common reasons for Daytona social security denial is a lack of substantial medical evidence. You must be able to prove that you are unable to work due to your disabling condition. 

To show this, you should have documentation from your primary care physician that you are being treated for a severe medical impairment. This documentation should also indicate a concern for your inability to perform your usual job functions. 

The medical records kept from your primary care physician are what will be the most important in determining the success of your claim. If your doctor has not taken adequate notes on your disability, the SSA may either deny your request or send you to a consultative examination. There is, however, not a guarantee that the examiner will see your condition as disabling. 

Make sure you document every visit you have with the doctor and discuss all of your concerns. You also want to be recording any doctor’s notes excusing you from work or a modified work schedule to present with your case. 

Failure To Follow Treatment

Daytona Social Security DenialTo go along with medical evidence, the SSA will look into what treatment your doctor has prescribed for you. If you don’t follow the regimen your primary care has outlined for you, your claim will likely be denied. 

This is because they will be unable to determine whether your condition is truly preventing you from working or you are uncooperative in your care and treatment. If you have a legitimate reason for not going along with the treatment plan, you may present your evidence and reasoning during your appeal. 

The Medical Condition Is Not Severe Enough 

Your medical condition must prevent you from performing substantial gainful activity for a year or longer. Your situation will not be considered severe enough if you can heal and return to work in under a year. It also is not regarded as severe enough if your medical conditions don’t prevent you from all work activity, only some activity. 

Limited Cooperation With The SSA

Failure to provide requested documentation or show up to your scheduled medical exams will result in denial. You also want to make sure you stay available for the SSA to remain in contact with you to discuss any ongoing concerns or questions about your case.  

How To Prevent Daytona Social Security Denial 

To avoid a situation where you are denied disability benefits, it’s best to hire a social security attorney from the beginning. A disability lawyer will be able to collect all of the necessary items to make sure you meet the qualifications before pursuing a case. Call us today for a free case evaluation