WE HAVE two of the ten attorneys in the state OF FLORIDA certified for social security disability law

Do You Need A Daytona Social Security Disability Lawyer?

If you’re in need of a Daytona Social Security Disability lawyer, look no further. We have the experience to get you what you’re looking for.

A Daytona Social Security Disability lawyer can be hard to come by. There are only nine attorneys in the state of Florida that are certified for Social Security disability law. Luckily, Culbertson Law Group has two of the nine attorneys ready to represent you. We have experience dealing with cases such as these, and the knowledge necessary to increase your chances of being approved.

The Process

The application process is tedious. It can be especially overwhelming if your health is suffering and you’re swimming in medical bills with no source of income. A Daytona Social Security lawyer will take you step-by-step through the process to ensure you have the greatest chance.

We first recommend discussing a plan with your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider should be on-board before you apply because you’ll need to obtain medical records along the way. It’s vital to have a copy of your medical records in full when preparing your claim. These are the documents that determine whether or not you should be eligible to receive benefits.

Daytona Social Security Disability LawyerOnce you’ve gathered your medical records, you’re ready to start the application process. You can apply online, over the phone or at your local Social Security office. While it’s not required to hire a Daytona Social Security lawyer, your chances of being approved are much higher. The application includes questions that need details and context. Our attorneys know the verbiage and expectations of the Social Security Administration (SSA) for the best possible outcome.

Social Security Disability benefits aren’t always granted. Nearly 70 percent of claims are denied by the SSA during the initial process. However, a Daytona Social Security lawyer who specializes in disability cases has experience dealing with the SSA and knows how to speak their language. Our attorneys will even go as far as representing you in the appeal process.

Needless to say, your chances of success are much more likely with a Daytona Social Security lawyer. If you’re interested in learning more about what our attorneys can do for you, contact us today!