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Daytona Social Security Federal Court Appeals: How to Get Started

Daytona Social Security Federal Court Appeals

When you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, there’s a chance the claim may be denied. Fortunately, you have options with Daytona Social Security Federal Court Appeals. Here are some factors to consider when filing a request for an appeal.

You May Need to Pay a Filing Fee

Something to keep in mind when you’re filing Daytona Social Security Federal Court appeals is you might need to pay a filing fee. In some cases, you can request in writing for the courts to waive the filing fee if you meet the requirements.

Be sure to speak with your attorney before submitting your request. Your attorney can review all of the factors involved and share what they think are your best options to move forward with.

Apply in Time

Another item to keep in mind is the timing in filing your request for an appeal. If your claim is denied, you have 60 days to request an appeal after receiving a decision from the Appeals Council.  Mark your calendar and speak with your attorney to ensure you submit your request before the deadline. 

Once you’ve submitted your request for an appeal, you can follow up with your attorney on the next steps.

Daytona Social Security Federal Court Appeals

Review the Judge’s Decision

Your attorney should have your best interest in mind, so follow up with them on the judge’s decision. Whether it’s a best-case scenario or a not-so-great scenario, your attorney can be there to answer your questions and advise you on where to go once you’ve received the judge’s decision on your appeal.

Contact Your Lawyer For More Information About Daytona Social Security Federal Court Appeals

We understand this might seem like an overwhelming process, but we’re here to assure you that it doesn’t have to be. At Culbertson Law, we build professional relationships with clients so they know they’re in good hands. 

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