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Daytona SSD Lawyer: 4 Common Questions to Ask

Daytona SSD Lawyer

Filing for Social Security Disability can feel overwhelming; however, having the right Daytona SSD lawyer by your side makes it easier. Here are 4 common questions to ask.

There are a handful of law offices that will take out-of-state cases; however, hiring a local, Daytona SSD lawyer helps ensure that your case is properly prepared and equipped with the necessary documents, medical records and tests needed to best help you win. 

Finding the right Daytona SSD lawyer, who you feel will win your case, can seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 4 common questions you should be asking. 

Do you have any specialized training in Daytona SSD Law?

Like most areas of law, Social Security Disability requires special training and continued education to stay current with the Social Security Administration.

Asking your prospective SSD lawyer if they are specialized in Social Security Disability law is important to the success and efficiency of your case saving you time, effort and potential expenses. You may even inquire about any previous SSD cases that they’ve won and lost to determine if they are best suited to help with your case.

Daytona SSD Lawyer File claim onlineWhat’s your fee and will there be any case-related expenses?

To get the most accurate cost of filing for SSD, it’s important to ask what the lawyer’s fee is and what will be any case related expenses.

Typically Daytona SSD lawyers won’t require up-front fees. In most cases at Culbertson Law Group, you pay nothing for our services up front because we handle cases on a contingency fee basis.  

If your case is successful and you receive retroactive benefits, the attorney fee would be up to 25% of your past-due benefits with a cap at $6,000 at the administrative level.

On the other hand, case related expenses can include medical record requests, postage and even travel. Just be sure to ask your Daytona SSD lawyer what case related expenses may be for yours. 

What’s your process?

Every SSD lawyer works differently and has created a unique process for handling cases. You should ask them what their process looks like because their approach to a case plays a role in the success of yours. 

To help guide this question, you should ask things like what their timeline is, how they communicate, do they meet with you in person, what proper documentation is needed and how they acquire it. 

Can you tell me what the hearing will look like?

There isn’t a crystal ball that SSD lawyers can look into and tell you what the outcome of your case will be. But, most who have an expansive history with SSD cases will have a general idea of your chances for a successful hearing. 

Finding the right Daytona SSD Lawyer

Hiring a Daytona SSD lawyer is beneficial to ensuring your case is efficiently handled and successfully won.

At Culbertson Law, we have over 40 years of experience and are happy to answer these questions and any more you may have. We’ve provided assistance with thousands of Social Security and Supplemental Security Income cases and are ready to help you. Contact us today for your free consultation.