WE HAVE two of the ten attorneys in the state OF FLORIDA certified for social security disability law

Change Your Life For The Better With The Help Of Our Florida Social Security Disability Attorneys

Florida Social Security Disability Attorneys

Are you in desperate need of one of our Florida Social Security disability attorneys? You’ve come to the right place!

Our Social Security Disability Attorneys

Having two of ten attorneys in the state of Florida that are certified for Social Security Disability Law is no minor feat.

Since graduating from Western State University College of Law in 1975, Richard Culbertson has handled thousands of Social Security and Supplemental Security Income cases from Southern California to Central Florida. He’s owned and run his own Law office since 1996, serving cases from pre-application to the Federal Courts. He’s currently serving as the Chairman of the Social Security Committee of the Orange County Bar Association.

Sarah Fay is the second Board Certified Advocate in Social Security Disability who began working at Culbertson Law Group, PLLC. directly out of law school. Since graduating, she’s successfully briefed hundreds of cases, as well as cases before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Over time, she has limited her practice to exclusively represent claimants who are seeking benefits throughout all stages of the disability process.

In addition, we have three other attorneys, Richard Schwartz, Colleen Rosaler and Katherine Schwartz, who all represent our clients from the initial level through the hearing level. With over 40 years of experience and three locations across Central Florida, our Florida Social Security disability attorneys have the experience to ensure your claim has the best chance of getting approved.


How We Can Help

Our attorneys can help you every step of the way. From the initial application process, you’ll want your claim to contain detailed information and documents to maximize your chances of approval. If for whatever reason your claim is denied, we can then assist you in the appeal process. From there, if your appeal is insufficient, an attorney can represent you in an administrative hearing to fight for your claim on your behalf.

If you want to hire one of our Florida Social Security disability attorneys, you would first enter a fee agreement. This agreement would be contingent on whether or not we are successful. Contact us today to get started!

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