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4 Reasons Your Claim Could Be Denied Without A Leesburg Social Security Attorney

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As a Social Security disability law firm, we know the ins and outs of the claim process for qualifying for disability benefits. If your claim was denied for any of the following four reasons, you may need to hire a Leesburg Social Security Attorney.

1: Lack Of Medical Evidence

One of the most crucial elements in your Social Security disability application is relevant to medical documents. Sufficient medical evidence is oftentimes the reason a disability claim is denied. An attorney will know exactly what the Social Security Administration (SSA) is looking for to approve your claim. Failure to submit vital medical records could result in immediate denial.

Leesburg Social Security Attorney

2: Uncompleted Forms

The application process is complex. Submitting a claim requires the collection of many forms to be filled out completely and correctly. This is to assure the SSA that you are eligible to be awarded benefits. A Leesburg Social Security attorney can attest to the fact that the SSA is not lenient when it comes to insufficient evidence. It’s vital to make sure every bit of your application, or appeal, is filled out in detail.

3: Weak Case

Unfortunately, it’s possible to be denied disability benefits simply because the SSA doesn’t deem you disabled for the long-term. Even if your disability has prevented you to work now doesn’t always mean the SSA feels as if you’ll be unable to work at all. If you’ve experienced this kind of rejection, contact an attorney. We’ll be able to pinpoint whether or not the documents you submitted were sufficient enough. This is why it’s important to surpass numbers one and two to ensure you have the best outcome.

4: Naive Submission

In many cases, claims that were denied could have easily been approved with the assistance and expertise of a Leesburg Social Security attorney. Our professionals know what the SSA is looking for. We help you fill out the application to its fullest extent with essential documents to significantly increase your chances of approval.

If you need help with the appeal process, contact a Leesburg Social Security attorney of ours today! We’d be happy to assist with the process and increase your chances of getting approved.