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Leesburg Social Security Lawyers: How They Can Help Start Your Claim

Leesburg Social Security Lawyers

Starting your Social Security claim can be tough. The following are ways that Leesburg Social Security lawyers help get your claim started.

You may be unsure what documents you’ll need, what court or medical fees you’ll incur, not to mention, trying to understand the technical jargon is beyond difficult if you’re not specialized in Social Security law. 

Having a lawyer is helpful, but having local, Leesburg Social Security lawyers trained in Social Security law and dedicated to your case is exceptional to helping you win. 

The following are ways that Social Security lawyers at Culbertson Law can help you.

Determining if you are eligible

You are bound to have several questions when you consider applying for SSDI or SSI. One in particular is whether or not you are eligible for benefits. 

The Social Security Administration has pre-established eligibility requirements for SSDI or SSI and having reputable, local attorneys specialized in Social Security law can help you best break down and understand these requirements.

Gathering necessary documents and records

When filing your claim, there will be several documents and records required by the Social Security Administration. This helps strengthen your case by providing evidentiary support for it–so, you’ll want to be sure to get all of the necessary and correct documentation.

Leesburg Social Security Lawyers shaking handsHowever, it can be difficult to know exactly which documents or medical records you should gather. This is another way that Leesburg Social Security lawyers at Culbertson Law help you. 

We’ve worked plenty of cases and are specialized in Social Security Law, so we know which required documents and records you’ll need, including medical records and work history that includes the last fifteen years of the jobs, duties and titles you’ve held.

Need help? Our Leesburg Social Security lawyers are here for you

Starting your claim with the Social Security Administration is not the easiest task. 

Before hiring an attorney to help you with your case there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind, including their years of practice, experience, customer testimonials and their availability. 

At Culbertson Law, our Leesburg Social Security lawyers are here and ready to help with over 40 years of experience serving the Leesburg area. Our attorneys care about each client’s case and work to ensure we cover every detail. Contact us today for your free consultation.