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3 Factors to Keep in Mind When Meeting With Your Leesburg SSI Attorney

Leesburg SSI Attorney

A Leesburg SSI attorney can help get you started with your benefits program. An attorney can help you determine if you’re eligible for benefits, how to apply, and how long it takes to receive benefits.

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income programs are considered the largest of Federal disability assistance programs.  

When you’re looking for a Leesburg SSI attorney, you might be wondering the following questions:

Am I Eligible to Receive Supplemental Security Income?

If you’re unable to complete work at any job due to your medical condition(s), and this has persisted for at least 12 months, then you may be eligible to receive SSI. Keep in mind that Social Security doesn’t distribute benefits for conditions that contribute to partial disability. 

How Do I Apply for Benefits?

A Leesburg SSI attorney can guide you in the right direction. They can always apply in-person. For SSI, they can only apply for benefits online in certain circumstances. After you apply, a Social Security representative may schedule an interview with you at your local Social Security office or over the phone. The interview takes at least an hour, so be sure to make yourself available when it’s scheduled. 

Leesburg SSI Attorney at deskHow Long Does It Take to Receive Benefits?

The SSA advises it usually takes three to five months for applicants to receive a decision. This will depend on how long it takes for the Social Security office to obtain your medical records and other evidence, which helps the office make a decision. If you haven’t heard back about your benefits after five months, you may consult your lawyer to advise you on how to proceed.

What’s Next? Contact Your Leesburg SSI Attorney

Now that you have a better idea as to how a Leesburg SSI attorney can help, contact us at Culbertson Law! You’ll receive a free consultation where we can discuss your questions and the next steps in the process. We customize every consultation to fit our clients’ needs.