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Culbertson Provides The People With Ocala SSI: Supplemental Security Income For Disability

Ocala ssi

There are few Ocala SSI offices that do what we do. Culbertson Law Group has the expertise to provide you with the best disability benefits possible.

At Culbertson Law Group, we saw a need for structured disability benefits. We wanted to provide our community with the ability to seek help if they are physically or mentally unable to earn a steady income. Supplemental Security Income is a form of assistance that provides cash payments for blind, aged or disabled persons. We offer Ocala SSI for these people who lack the necessary resources to live a comfortable lifestyle. How can you find out if you’re eligible for SSI? Read below to learn about the requirements.

Supplemental Security Income Eligibility

Ocala ssi

There could be several reasons you may be eligible for Ocala SSI. These may include if you’ve been involved in a life-threatening accident that has caused you to develop a critical condition. Another way you may be eligible is if you have reached an age where driving your vehicle is no longer safe or if you’re currently residing in a nursing home. 

There is a list of requirements you must meet in order to be considered eligible. There is a government official Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool you can use to discover whether you meet the eligibility standards or. The screening tool consists of a series of questions that will determine your eligibility for any benefits. It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete but will give you a good idea of whether or not you should seek an attorney. Once you receive your results and have determined you are eligible, you can contact our Social Security Disability Lawyers to ensure you’re properly taken care of.

Supplemental Security Income Benefits

Supplemental Security Income is a program funded by taxes, however, it is not taken from your Social Security taxes. Through Ocala SSI, you will be supplied cash for essentials such as food, shelter, and clothing. Children, too, are eligible for SSI given their healthcare situation.

If you are a Florida resident and are deemed eligible for SSI, you are also automatically eligible for Medicaid. As long as you have completed and received SSI, you do not have to file a separate application for Medicaid. Between both programs, we work hard to offer disabled persons with the best opportunities.

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