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3 Tips For Filling Out Your Orlando Disability Application

Orlando Disability Application

Are you seeking disability benefits? We’re here to help make the Orlando disability application easier with these three tips.

Culbertson Law Group aims to help get social security disability benefits granted for our clients. We assist with the Orlando disability application process to ensure our clients are eligible for benefits. Because of our experience with the Social Security Administration, we know what proof they’re expecting and what further action is necessary if eligibility isn’t approved.

Because not everyone who fills out an Orlando disability application gets approved, we’re hoping to increase those chances with this guide. If you’re looking to receive disability benefits, make sure you follow these three tips for the best results:

Have Your Personal Documents In Order

You’ll need to have your birth certificate, social security number, proof of citizenship, and banking information together and ready when filling out your Orlando disability application.

The application will also ask for the information of your current (and any former) spouse(s), divorce information (if applicable), and the names and dates of birth of your children if they are minors. If you’re wanting benefits electronically deposited, you’ll want your routing and account number as well.

Orlando Disability ApplicationHave Access To Information About Your Medical Condition

There will be extensive research on your medical condition to ensure you’re truly eligible for benefits. Retrieve all medical information from your doctors such as phone numbers, addresses, patient ID numbers, dates of treatments and medical tests, names of medications, etc. The more medical information you have, the better your chances of approval are.

Gather Information About Past Work Experiences

Your Orlando disability application will ask the amount of money earned in previous years, the name and address of past employers, a list of all jobs you’ve had in the last 15 years, and other benefits (if any) you’ve filed for.

This information is to ensure you’ve worked while you were able to. Take action to gather this information beforehand so you aren’t scrambling to complete your application.

If, for any reason, you don’t have access to any of the information listed above, give Culbertson Law Group a call today. We’d be happy to assist you in the Orlando disability application process to get you the benefits you deserve!