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3 Ways Orlando SSI Lawyers Can Help You

Orlando SSI Lawyers 

If you are interested in applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or appealing a decision that was made regarding your eligibility, the Orlando SSI lawyers at Culbertson Law Group are here for you. 


SSI is a federal income supplement program that helps aged, blind, or disabled people who have little or no income. Unlike Social Security, SSI is funded by general tax revenues and not Social Security taxes. It is intended to provide cash assistance for basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter. 


If you are not familiar with the application or appeals process, an SSI case may be difficult to navigate. Culbertson Law Group has the Orlando SSI lawyers that you need, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information and a free case evaluation. Here are three ways that we can help you.


Orlando SSI Lawyers 


One: Understanding Your Eligibility

As Orlando SSI lawyers, our attorneys know the requirements that you must meet to be approved for SSI benefits. While eligibility based on age is straightforward, to be eligible based on blindness the applicant must have a visual impairment that falls beneath a threshold, and an applicant who is pursuing benefits based on disability must have a medically determined physical or mental impairment. 


To prove disability, the applicant will need to provide medical evidence that shows:

  • An impairment exists
  • The severity of the impairment


When applicants provide thorough and accurate information, claim processing by the Social Security Administration is accelerated. Partnering with an experienced attorney who can assist you in submitting a complete application is an important step in pursuing SSI benefits. 


Two: Orlando SSI Lawyers For Legal Representation

If you are denied benefits after your initial claim, or if you have been receiving benefits and the Social Security Administration (SSA) determines that you no longer meet the requirements, or the SSA determines you are being overpaid and reduces your benefits, there are steps you can take to appeal the decision. There are four levels of appeal that are available to you:

  • Reconsideration
  • Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge
  • Review by the Appeals Council
  • Federal Court review


When you are appealing a decision, an experienced attorney can help by identifying missing information in your case, communicating on your behalf, representing you in court, and more.


Three: Shortening The Hearing Process

Although working with an attorney does not ensure a quickly resolved appeal, the Social Security Administration does recommend appointing an attorney as early in the process as possible. This gives your representative sufficient time to review your case and prepare for the hearing.


When you choose Orlando SSI lawyers from Culbertson Law Group, you have the confidence that you are working with some of the best attorneys in the Central Florida area. With over 40 years of experience and two of the ten attorneys in the state of Florida certified in Social Security Disability law, you know you have the right attorneys by your side until your case is decided. 


This recent five-star review from Barbara P. says:


“Attorneys Jeremy Hays and Sarah Jacobs literally saved our lives by successfully representing my lifelong-disabled daughter in her Federal Appeals case and her new SSA hearing.  Thank you a thousand times, you don’t know what this means to us!  Jeremy was especially compassionate and really put my daughter at ease for the hearing.  We recommend Culbertson Law Group, they really know what they are doing!”

Contact Culbertson Law Group today to learn more about how we can assist you as you pursue your SSI benefits.