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Social Security Attorney Near Me: How Do I Find the Best Firms?

Social Security Attorney Near Me

If you’re searching for a ‘Social Security attorney near me,’ you may be wondering how you can find the best firms. Here are a few boxes you should consider checking off when it comes to finding the best Social Security attorney nearest you

Fostering a positive working relationship to help you win your case is rooted in finding the best Social Security attorney. Ideally, you’ll have a chance to have an initial conversation and consultation to get a feel for their communication style and personality, and this is where you can then begin developing a relationship with them around your case. 

If your case is in Leesburg, for example, it wouldn’t exactly make sense to hire an attorney in Miami. Here are two factors to keep in mind when searching ‘Social Security attorney near me.’

Social Security Attorney Near Me Reviews#1 Reviews & Testimonials

After narrowing down the best locations when searching for a Social Security attorney, you should read through their client reviews

These are a few of our reviews from our three main locations.


“We are so pleased with the way my son’s Social Security Disability case was handled by the Culbertson Law firm. Working with Jeremy Hays was a pleasure. He was kind, understanding, informed, diligent and responsive to our inquiries. He prepared my son for the hearing with two separate phone calls. The hearing was conducted by telephone due to Covid 19. As soon as the hearing was over Jeremy called and told us how he felt the hearing went and what to expect next. In less than two weeks we learned that the judge had ruled favorably! We couldn’t have had a better experience and result!” – Janet S.


“Attorney Jeremy Hays and the entire staff at Culbertson Law Group were outstanding in helping me receive my disability benefits, even after I moved to Florida from another state. I would definitely recommend Culbertson Law Group and Attorney Jeremy Hays to anyone seeking disability benefits.  I was even approved BEFORE I appeared before a judge.  They are very knowledgeable in their field and good at what they do!  Would definitely recommend!” – Diana Olsen

Daytona Beach

“Has been my attorney for my disability case which is still in the appeal stage (this is not a reflection on him, it is the norm). Very well prepared, well spoken, maintains necessary communication, very knowledgeable of the intricacies of each person’s situation. Staff is courteous and accommodating. Putting my future in his hands, and not just by the numerous referrals, but by seeing other attorneys before relying on him” – Jason

#2 Experience & Communication

Experience and communication are also important factors to consider when searching ‘Social Security attorney near me.’ The more years of practice and experience an attorney and law firm have, the more familiar they are with the system, the more connections they’ll have and the more skilled they are in fighting for your case. 

At Culbertson Law, we have over 45 years of experience under our belt and have handled hundreds of thousands of Social Security and Supplemental Security Income cases over the years. 

If you’re searching for a Social Security attorney near you, contact us to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you win your case.