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Why You Need A Social Security Disability Attorney To Represent You In Administrative Hearings

Social Security Disability Attorney

Often times, people debate whether or not they need to hire a Social Security disability attorney to get their claim approved. We’re uncovering why it’s in your best interest to do so at the administrative hearing level.

To Speak The SSA’s Language

If your original claim for Social Security disability benefits is denied, as well as your appeal, the third step would be to appear in court in the event of an administrative hearing. The Social Security Administration (SSA) obtains high standards and enforces complex regulations. It would be advisable to hire a Social Security disability attorney who knows how to speak the SSA’s language and can predict what to expect.

Having an attorney throughout the process will greatly benefit you in the long run. Your attorney will know what medical evidence you’ve already submitted and can help compile documents that may increase your chances of approval.  

To Question Experts

Social Security Disability AttorneyA Social Security disability attorney has experience questioning expert witnesses at administrative hearings and they’re able to anticipate what evidence they need to prepare. At your hearing, the SSA may call upon a medical expert to testify regarding the severity of your disability or a vocational expert to determine whether or not you have the capability to perform any job.


The testimony of these experts can be crucial to your disability claim. There’s likely no telling who the SSA will bring in to testify in your case, so it’s in your best interest to prepare with an experienced attorney who has succeeded at this level.

To Know The Local ALJs

As a law firm that has two of ten attorneys in the state of Florida certified for Social Security Disability Law, we have familiarity with local Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) and can often understand their customary hearing procedures. Our knowledge and experience can be extremely useful for your case.

If you’re at a loss and are in need of a Social Security disability attorney to represent you, contact us today! We’d be happy to help you secure the benefits you deserve.

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