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Who Qualifies For The Villages SSI Benefits?

The Villages SSI Benefits

This guide answers many of the most frequently asked questions about The Villages SSI benefits. From eligibility, to finding the best lawyer, read on to learn more about this pertinent subject.


The Villages SSI BenefitsSupplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program that gives cash payments to eligible persons who have limited income and financial resources. These qualifications are the  basic requirements, and to truly determine your eligibility, it’s necessary to further educate yourself on The Villages SSI benefits. If you know you’re eligible, and are facing roadblocks to getting the benefits you need, be sure to contact the experts at Culbertson Law. 


Definition of Qualified Persons


To be eligible for The Villages SSI benefits, the applicant must be at least 65 years of age or older, or be blind, or disabled. To be qualified due to blindness, the applicant must have visual impairment below a certain threshold. To be qualified due to disability, the applicant must have a medically determined mental or physical impairment. You can read about these requirements  in detail at the Social Security Administration’s website.


What is Considered Income or a Resource?


The Social Security Administration considers income to be the following:

  • Money earned from work
  • Free food or lodging
  • Money from other sources, like unemployment or Social Security benefits


A resource is considered items like these:

  • Personal property, like land or vehicles
  • Cash, bank accounts, or stocks and bonds
  • Life insurance


You should also note that the SSI does not count resources greater than $2000 per individual, or $3000 per couple, towards income calculation. This article explains even more about the SSI income and resources.


These lists are not exhaustive, so be sure that you are following all federal guidance for your The Villages SSI benefits.  And if you’re looking for a hand-tailored experience, it’s best to refer to Culbertson Law Group.

Income Calculation

Once eligibility is determined, it’s time to calculate the amount you will receive from your The Villages SSI benefits. The Villages SSI BenefitsThe Social Security Administration uses a simple equation, which is to subtract whatever income that is not considered countable from your total income. Then, that countable income is subtracted from the SSI federal benefit rate. The federal benefit rate changes annually, and as of January 1, 2021, the rate is $794 for an individual, and $1191 for a couple.


Citizenship Eligibility

Finally, there is one last requirement to receive SSI benefits. The applicant must be either a citizen or national of the United States, or be a non-citizen who meets all eligibility criteria. For example, a person ‘Lawfully Permitted for Permanent Residence’ would be eligible for The Villages SSI benefits. Some of the rules and regulations can appear very complex, but selecting the right social security lawyer can make all the difference.


Now that you have a little more knowledge in your hands, it’s time to get moving! So pick up the phone, or fill out our contact form to schedule your free initial consultation. And be sure to ask us about The Villages SSI benefits; Culbertson Law Group will be happy to help.