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What To Expect In Port Orange Administrative Hearings

Wondering what to expect in Port Orange administrative hearings? We are here to help and be the experts you can trust.

Filing for Port Orange administrative hearings can sound like quite the process. At Culbertson Law Group, we are here to lay it out for you, making it much less of an intimidating task to take on. Here is what you can expect.

Daytona Administrative Hearings

Requesting Your Hearing

Port Orange administrative hearings follow many of the same proceedings used in a conventional courtroom. However, one main difference is that administrative hearings are directed by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), a specific type of judge different from those that oversee traditional courtroom hearings.

Administrative hearings are by request only and require two simple steps. When requesting an administrative hearing, you must keep within the time limits of your appeal, or your case may be dismissed. It would be to your great advantage to hire a trusted team with proven success to support your administrative hearings.

Prior To Your Hearing

After an initial request of your Port Orange administrative hearings, all parties involved will be contacted with a notice of hearing. Sometimes, the ALJ will request a prehearing conference for all persons involved to further identify the reason for the administrative hearings and clarify any current information.

During Your Hearing

At your Port Orange administrative hearings, all participating parties will provide factual data and evidence to back their case and support their resolution. After the ALJ takes your testimony and gathers all evidentiary support, an autonomous decision reliant on the information they have been presented with will be made. 

It should be noted that you are not required to have representation with you during your administrative hearings. However, it would be in your best interest to hire our team for the best chances of winning your case.

After Your Hearing

The ALJ may ask you to submit a short synopsis of your case and desired outcome after your Daytona administrative hearings. The ALJ will then declare their final decision in the matter and release it to the included parties. 

Daytona Administrative Hearings

If a case is denied by an ALJ, the case must be appealed to the Appeals Council in Fall Church, Virginia. 

Culbertson Law Group has two of the 10 board certified attorneys in the state of Florida for Social Security disability law. With over 40 years serving the Central Florida area, we have familiarity with the local Administrative Law Judges and can support your litigation. 

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