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Very nice! And Understanding Lawyer won my disability case thank you.

Lainey Colon (5 stars)

Disability claims are a very complex process. Richard Culbertson has a great grasp on how to compel the social security administration and the courts to approve your application. Professional, knowledgeable and determined. That’s what Richard Culbertson will bring to you in getting your case approved, and that’s what you need. Thank you again Mr. Culbertson for all of your help.

Peter Zicky (5 stars)

Excellent lawyer I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a disability lawyer never had any problems at all everything was very smooth and they were on top of everything from the very start. Thank you for helping me win my case.

Ray Ray (5 stars)

Sarah Fay took over my Social Security case and put me at ease with her preparedness. She went over what to expect with the Hearing process so that I was confident and prepared. She did a fantastic job!

Tom D. Horn (5 Stars)

Sarah Fay took on my review for SS permanent disability when I was loosing all hope after dealing with a “group” that apparently specialized, advertising a 90% average of wins and was doing nothing to assist me. I then met with two other attorneys who referred me to Sarah’s firm. Once she was assigned to me, things started moving. She did an excellent job gathering all pertinent information and putting it in a recap for the hearing with the Judge that was to the point and easy for him to read and discern without him having to dig through the mounds of information. After the first hearing with the Judge, he quickly awarded my fully favorable decision. I have since received my full back pay for 4 years and am awaiting my award letter within the next few days. The stress that I have been under while dealing with this for the past 4 years and wondering if it was all worth it has been resolved! I am now free to move on with my life and have a monthly income for the rest of my life that she fought for. She continuously validated my condition & symptoms telling me I deserved it and she was sure she could get it resolved and she did! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her validation and support. I highly recommend her for anyone that needs to walk through the fire so to speak! She is a true and kind professional. I rarity in the legal field!

Kim ( 5 Stars)

Although Sarah wasn’t able to take over my case, she spent time with me giving me advice and options on how to move forward elsewhere. She didn’t have to do that but did, which is greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend her.

Shawn (5 Stars)

There is no better attorney than Sarah Fay. I was looking for an attorney after being denied for the second time by the appeal council. The representation I had at the time advised they could no longer assist me because they didn’t handle cases in federal court. I was becoming very discouraged because once attorneys found out what stage I was at they automatically dismissed me. After contacting her office she asked for my records to review before making a decision unlike other attorneys. After reviewing my records she immediately accepted my case and immediately filed papers in federal court on my behalf. Sarah stood by me for almost three years keeping me up to date and always there if I needed anything. We received a favorable decision from federal court after about a year or so remanding the case back for an administrative law hearing. We still had to wait another year before that hearing came which she believed to be favorable. Unfortunately for me though the judge who was presiding over my case his office was extremely slow it took almost 90 days for a decision and then sometime before Social Security gave me my benefits. But through the entire process from the date she accepted my case until I this day even after receiving my benefits she has been there for any and all questions or concerns that I had. I would recommend her to anyone going through the process.

Angel ( 5 stars)